For those who prefer a Brown Leather Boot and want all the features of the Hoffman POLECLIMBER series, you are in luck. New this year is our 10" Brown Pole Climber with all the same quality features as the original. Dual Shanks, sturdy heel, counters and cushioned insoles complete this wonderful addition to this line. The 10" Brown Pole Climber is also available with steel toe for those who require it. You will not find a more supportive, heavier duty steel shank boot on the market. Please Call Us for assistance with sizing, availability, and approximate delivery time. Dual Steel Shanks for Climbing Support Ruff-Out Brown Double Leather Vamp Optional Steel Toe Available Vibram Sole Standard D and E Widths Available Sizes 7-12 w/half sizes, 13(D Width); 8-12w/half sizes, 13 (E Width) Free Shipping on Hoffman Boots (A $20.00 VALUE) 10" #LB192 (Non-Steel Toe) $280.00 10" #LB2210 (Steel Toe) $285.00


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